Terms of Use


All parts are sold exclusively as collectible items without any warranty of function and are acquired in the condition they are in at the time of sale.

The team of Semper Collector organizes the sale on behalf and for the account of third parties (consignment sale) and cannot be held responsible for the condition of the objects.

All items are sold without manufacturer's warranty, and any item returns are excluded.

Invoicing and Payment

The items for sale will only be handed over to the buyer upon payment in cash in Swiss francs or upon a fixed payment arrangement to be determined by our gunsmith.

An invoice is issued after the order and is sent to you separately by email from our gunsmith.

Administrative Procedures

The trade of firearms is carried out through a licensed gunsmith in compliance with the current legal regulations in Switzerland (Weapons Act). You will be requested to provide the necessary documents, the list of which will be communicated to you by our gunsmith.

Administrative Fees

Additional fees may apply depending on the administrative procedures to be completed (export, e-police declaration, etc.). These will be detailed in the invoice.


The delivery costs are calculated after the order and are indicated on the final invoice sent to you by our gunsmith. No delivery will be made unless the legal administrative formalities are in order.

For Switzerland, the delivery costs are calculated according to the specific table:

Item Type Switzerland Delivery Costs

Handguns and small items


Long guns and large items


Place of jurisdiction

Geneva, Switzerland