Tank machine gun 31 (Mitr. tank 7.5mm 31) s/n 0-3xx

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Tank machine gun 31 (7.5mm Pz Mg 31) for light tank 51

Manufacture d'armes de Chatellerault (MAC)

s/n 0-3xx

7.5x55 (GP11)

- Supplied with 2 x 140-round drum magazines.

- Comes with drum filler.

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The Reibel machine gun (machine gun mle 1931 also known as MAC-31) was a French machine gun used in French tanks, on carriages and in French fortifications (e.g. the Maginot Line).

After the Second World War, a total of 182 pieces were imported from France and converted in the W+F to the 7.5 mm GP11 caliber.

The tank machine gun 31 (7.5mm Pz Mg 31) is a gas-operated magazine with piston rod and tilting block. 

- Gas borrowing system at one point of the barrel.

- Locking system with fixed bolt and lever-action breech.

- The mobile assembly consists of the breech and piston linked by a pin, and also includes the firing pin.

- The case is painted black.

- The weapon weighs 10.6 kg, the empty drum magazine 3.5 kg.

- The drum magazine holds 140 rounds.

- Barrel length 405mm, 4 rifling at 5° pitch to the right.

The tank machine gun 31 (7.5mm Pz Mg 31) (Pz Mg 31) was used in Switzerland from 1951 onwards in the light armored vehicle 51 (AMX-13) as a parallel-tube weapon, and featured a pedal safety.

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7.5x55 (GP11)
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