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MG34 machine gun (dot) 1943 s/n 27xx

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MG34 machine gun

(dot) WaA63 Waffenwerke Brünn A.-G.

s/n 27## (1943)

8x57 IS

3 firing positions: "D" (Full-auto), "D" (Semi-auto), "S" Safe or "F" fire

Below are the production and WaA codes for this MG34 :


- Comes with Winter Relaxation.

- Supplied with AA "Kreiskorn 34" sight.

- Supplied with top cover Type 2 “Trommelhalter” drum holder for use with 75-cartridge “Patronentrommel 34” magazine (double drum).

  With Logo “Eagle Kriegsmarine” & “BSW” WaA4, Berlin-Suhler Waffenwerke, Suhl (Th)

- Supplied with top cover Type 2 "Trommelhalter" drum support with dust flaps closed, for use with the 75-round "Patronentrommel 34" magazine (origin and date of manufacture unknown for this "Trommelhalter").

- Supplied with compatible D-T15 double drum (D-T15 magazine lever replaced by special "Patronentrommel 34" lever).


Nice set, the whole with WaA.

In Good condition.

Original VH WW2, Collector.

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MG34 s/n 27##, Manufacturing codes and WaA :

- Front case: (dot) WaA63 1943 s/n 27##

- Barrel: (S) 9291, Pi 9 (bky) 41 WaA808, Gauged Ø7.89; Fret canon (946) WaA76 

- Lower housing: (dot) WaA63 s/n 27##a

- Cylinder head: (dot) WaA63 s/n 27## 

- Breech body: (dot) WaA63 s/n 27##

- Trigger housing: s/n 27##

- Upper cover: s/n 27## a (bpr)

- Upper feeder: WaA4

- Feed tray: (bpr)

- Cocking lever :

- Stock piston: s/n 27##

- Wooden stock: s/n 27##

- Bipod group: (kur) WaA815 1943

Code and WaA correspondence :

- (dot) WaA63 Waffenwerke Brünn, Brünn (CZ)

- (S) WaA6 (<= to 1936) Simson & Co, Suhl (Th)

- (bky) WaA808 Böhmische Waffenfabrik, Strakonitz, Prag (CZ)

- (946) WaA76 (1940-41) Böhmische Waffenfabrik, Strakonitz, Prag (CZ)

- (bpr) WaA497 J.Grossfuss, Döbeln (Sn)

- (kur) WaA815 Steyr Werk, Graz (AT)


There were many small supplier companies, but they were not responsible for assembly.

The four main production and assembly sites in the German Reich were:

- from 1936 to 1943, the "Berliner-Suhler / Gustloff Werke" in Suhl. 

- from 1938 to 42 the "Mauser Werke" Borsigwalde, the Berlin branch of "Mauserwerke Oberndorf", 

- from 1938 to 43 "Rheinmetall - Maget" in Berlin-Tegel.

- from 1941 to 45, "Waffenwerke Brünn" in Czechoslovakia.

In Austria, "Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG" estimated total production at 7,000 MG34.

The "official" total number of MG34s produced during the war has been estimated at around 500,000.

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Sub-machine gun & Machine gun
8x57 JS
Particularities according to LArm
Authorization LArm
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