Hispano Suiza MP 43 s/n 100xxx/438

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Hispano-Suiza MP 43 machine pistol


9mm Para

3 firing positions: Full-auto, Semi-auto, Safe

Straight front barrel liner WITHOUT bayonet mount

- with 5 straight 50-shot CHE magazines

- with Leather Case 4 x 50-shot magazines

- with Chargette

- with Spare Parts Bag

Like NEW, 95% Condition

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The original model produced in Finland (Armurerie Tikkakoski) was introduced as the MP 43 and featured a curved sight with a scale of 100 to 500 meters.

An estimated 5,200 units were imported from Finland up to 1945.

From 1943 onwards, the MP was produced under license by Hispano-Suiza in Geneva under the names MP 43 and MP 43/44.

A total of numbers 100'001 to 124'470 were produced, ending in 1951.

From 1945 onwards (from about number 100'101), the stocks were reinforced with two reinforcing mandrels across the stock.

Early MPs (up to about number 101'500) had the bevelled front barrel liner of the MP 31 (Finnish), then a barrel liner with a straight end and bayonet mount was fitted.

There are also some RARE gun liners with a straight end but no bayonet mount, certainly intended for the police force.

The MP 43 and MP 43/44 produced under license are equipped with a rear sight with two settings (100m and 200m).

In the regulations :

- machine pistols without a bayonet attachment are referred to as "43 machine pistols".

- machine pistols with bayonet locks are referred to as "43/44 machine pistols" (this designation is incorrect, as the first machine pistols manufactured by Hispano Suiza also lacked bayonet locks).

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Machine pistol
9 mm Para
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